The Village

Koh Chang is divided into 2 districts, covering on one hand the developed north-west coast and on second hand the untouched south-east part of the island. Fortunately, Baan Salak Phet takes part of the 5 villages being under an administration having concerns for the environment and protecting for posterity the beauty of this wild sanctuary. Owing to a different policy on planning permissions, Koh Chang Tai (south) remains free of huge concrete buildings similar to the big hotels or resorts flourishing on the touristic west coast.

Baan Salak Phet keeps on being a peaceful village relying on traditional livelihoods such as fishing, palm trees plantations and orchards. The old temple built under the reign of King Rama V at the occasion of his royal visit to the island is the favorite place for the locals to gather.

A remote spot offering many attractions and activities for nature lovers a few miles away the lively west coast of Koh chang.