Enjoy the beauty of unspoiled hideaways !

Salak Phet Bay hides several naturally preserved breath taking sites. A chance to enjoy the local daily life besides the numerous outdoor activities with great opportunities to shoot amazing videos and stunning pictures thanks to the natural high range of contrast in lights and colors.

KHLONG NEUNG, the Koh Chang’s tallest waterfall; ideal for a day trip into the jungle by climbing throughout the rocky river bed – trekking not recommended for beginners. 

KHIRI PHET, the 7 levels waterfall; easily reachable within a few minutes from the village for bathing in the natural pool on the first level. Higher levels require intermediate skills in order to climb up.

SALAK PHET MANGROVE, the largest remaining mangrove forest of Koh Chang. To be discovered by kayak or by foot, thanks to the 800m long walkway winding into and over the canals of the mangrove.

HIKKING all over the orchards and the numerous footpaths leading to some spectacular viewpoints above the bay or to the hidden and secluded Wai Chaek beach.

TREKKING all the way through the tracks of the lush jungle and the wildlife sanctuary for beginners to discover local fauna and flora. A 2 day program for intermediates includes a wild camp overnight on the top of Khao Laem mountain for a memorable sunset and sunrise view over the Marine National Park.