The mountainous and scenic Salak Phet Bay is home for hundreds of botanical and animal species. A real paradise for nature lovers to benefit from the jungle’s circles of life where vibes are changing day after day.

Outdoors activities can be enjoyed all year round thanks to an average temperature from 28° to 32°C.

The very specific tropical climate of Koh Chang Island is characteristically divided in 2 main seasons, each of these provides numerous advantages to optimize the related leisure activities. We kindly suggest travelers to well consider this point and plan accordingly their period of stay.

The BLUE SEASON from October to May, optimal for nautical activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving or island hopping

The GREEN SEASON from June to September, optimal for exploring the tropical sanctuary and bathing in the amazing waterfalls

At anytime, our kayaks are available for visiting the mangrove and the area. We highly recommend Koh Phrao Nok, one of the beautiful islands sheltered in the bay offering clear waters and a pleasant white sandy beach. Alternatively, we will be happy to assist you with our smaller boat to bring you there within 10mns as complimentary service.